The CEA have been developing guidance for industry like BG01, helping you to keep up with your legal obligations and improved safety whether you are the operator, maintenance staff or the manager responsible.

  • The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) – Is a legal requirement which will affect everybody who operates combustion plant  with a Thermal input (th) of 1 MWth  to 50 Mwth. (The boiler equivalent of 1.3 ton/hr steam)
  • Industrial Gas Accreditation (I-GAS) – For maintenance staff and managers responsible for any natural gas activity on site, for either employees or contractors. Gas Safe is domestic and light commercial, I-GAS is for those people working on industrial plant and equipment.
  • Industrial Shell Boiler Water Treatment (BG04) – A simple industrial guide developed to help operators and managers responsible for boiler water treatment and don’t have a chemistry background. Most boiler incidents are as a result of badly managed or poorly implemented boiler water treatment.

This one day event will give you the the opportunity to understand and discuss your role and responsibility for these three important areas of activity.

  • Crewe Hall Thursday 16th June 2016 a mix of:
  • The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) Updates. 
  • Industrial Gas Accreditation (I-GAS) if you have to work on gas.
  • Shell Boiler Water Treatment (BG04) if you are responsible but have limited knowledge.
  • Delegate Booking Form for MCPD, IGAS & BG04 Updates

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