With a track record of providing temperature control solutions in warehouses for in-house operations and third party logistics providers, Jet is becoming a provider of choice for many operators and warehouse developers.

Jet systems feature a series of self-balanced air induction nozzles that direct warm or cool air into the space from roof level. These nozzles are connected via ductwork to an air handling unit and selected heating/cooling source. A Jet system is designed to provide uniform temperatures throughout a building space and captures and re-circulates any waste heat generated in the space from lighting, natural solar gains through roof lights, mechanical handling equipment and people.

Jet systems are also designed to provide free cooling in summer by releasing large volumes of fresh air into the building and carrying out a night time purge using lower external temperatures to reduce internal infrastructure temperatures. 

Jet MD, Jason Hibbs, said: “Our air induction system is a proven, low carbon option that is perfectly suited to providing energy efficient heating and cooling in warehouses and other large industrial environments.”

Jet’s financing solutions, allow customers to buy conditioned air over a period of years, proving popular with third party providers preferring an operational expense over a capital purchase.