When the going gets tough fluoride crystal infrared windows are not the best choice.  And the problem is only compounded when harsh industrial environments are combined with aggressive dust, long exposure to UV light and temperature extremes.  This was the prevailing problem for Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo – Power & Industrial Projects, an engineering solutions provider in the Middle East.

Crystal infrared windows for thermographic inspection were proving seriously unreliable for the organisation, a problem that couldn’t be left unchecked as it serves many companies operating critical processes.  The Group, one of the oldest pan-Persian Gulf conglomerates, therefore sought alternatives.  The choice it made not only stood up to the difficult environmental conditions but also brought other significant benefits.

The Group chose Iriss, the developer of the world’s only industrial grade windows.  Made from either clear or opaque transmissive polymer, IRISS infrared windows are shatter proof and do not degrade in the presence of acids, alkalis, UV, moisture, humidity, vibration or high frequency noise. 

Unlike a crystal window that cannot exceed a 4” diameter, an Iriss window can be of any size or shape, allowing multiple live components to be inspected in a single camera scan.  And their durability is confirmed by an unlimited lifetime warranty.

Iriss, whose EMEA operation is based from the UK, is now delighted to confirm that The Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Company Ltd., has been appointed as stock-holding distributor of its entire range of polymer windows for Saudi Arabia. 

The Chairman of the Commercial Group of Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Company Limited, Mr. Khalid M Kanoo says, “We are delighted with our alliance with Iriss. This adds value to the range of diagnostics products we already have and proves our commitment to introducing innovative products and offer the latest technology to our customers”.

“Iriss products are ideal for the industries in which the Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Company Limited – Power & Industrial Projects division operates,” explained Iriss EMEA Sales Manager, David Hinds.  “Oil and gas, power generation and marine are all sectors whose operating efficiency benefits from live inspection of electrical and mechanical systems, a function that our windows allow in all environmental conditions.”

Further information and contact details for the Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Company Limited can be found at www.kanoopip.com