Jungheinrich, the leading intralogistics solution provider, has joined the United Nations Global Compact Initiative, making it part of the largest network in the global drive for a fair and sustainable economy. The step is another important milestone in Jungheinrich’s drive towards sustainability and underscores the company’s commitment to responsible business practices.

The United Nations Global Compact Initiative is the world’s largest and most significant initiative for responsible corporate governance. It is based on ten universal principles relating to human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. By joining the initiative, Jungheinrich commits to integrating these principles into all aspects of its business operations and to demonstrating this to the United Nations in the form of an annual progress report.

Jungheinrich is already committed to the Sustainable Development Goals as part of its sustainability strategy. In particular, it focuses on the goals of climate action, responsible production and industry innovation. As a ‘sustainability enabler,’ the company contributes to the sustainable transformation of intralogistics with its energy-efficient products and helps its customers achieve their climate targets. Jungheinrich discontinued all production of internal combustion engine-powered forklifts in March of this year and has been exclusively producing electrically powered material handling equipment ever since. In addition, with POWERLiNE, the intralogistics supplier offers its customers environmentally friendly lithium-ion trucks that are CO2-neutral to the point of delivery.

Jungheinrich already systematically evaluates its suppliers with respect to human rights, the environment and compliance. Currently, over 700 suppliers are regularly surveyed, covering 75 per cent of the global purchasing volume. The company aims to cover 80 per cent by 2025. As a matter of principle, all existing and new suppliers are risk-categorized according to ecological, economic and social criteria.

“We want a sustainable economy for a better world,” explains Dr. Lars Brzoska, Chairman of the Board of Management of Jungheinrich AG. “By joining the United Nations Global Compact Initiative, we are underscoring Jungheinrich’s commitment to responsible and sustainable action.”