Kardex is meeting the industries need for leaner processes and more flexible production with the new LR 35 storage and retrieval solution for small and medium-sized warehouses. LR 35 Vertical Buffer Module has been designed to guarantee the ‘just-in-time’ supply of fully picked assembly kits, keeping the assembly process flowing.

Compared to conventional shelving systems, LR 35 increases throughput by 75%. All incoming assembly orders can be supplied at short notice. The orders are only started once all the components are available for picking. Bins sitting around the assembly area containing incomplete orders are a thing of the past. Picking information on the screen of the LR 35 supports the operator. The storing process can be done during daily business hours, because the unit has separate openings for storage and picking.

LR 35 has been designed to respond to the trend in production logistics towards ever smaller units. Manufacturing and ecommerce companies can benefit from space-saving, cost-effective storage and manage an ever wider range of product variants more efficiently.”

Kardex Remstar is a global provider specialising in automated storage and retrieval systems.

For more details, visit www.kardex-remstar.co.uk