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Business invests £80,000 in to the first of a fleet to improve deliveries

Kite Packaging Group Ltd has announced it has invested £80,000 in a new project, which will improve delivery services for Swindon and its surrounding areas. After conducting detailed research in to the best kinds of transport for its operation, Kite purchased a Wagon and Drag truck for one of the 6 branches it has around the UK. This is the first investment of which Kite hope to see a growing fleet of similar trucks, in each branch of its business, to meet the growing demand of its customers.

Also known as a Drawbar Trailer, these trucks can carry an impressive load and have many other advantages. Holding 112m³ which equate to 11.5m³ more than an 18ft Artic and an impressive 54m³ more than an 18 tonne fixed bodied vehicle (typically used in the packaging industry), a Wagon and Drag trucks key benefit is its ability to swap bodies. This makes for much more flexible delivery, better efficiency and cost savings.

The truck itself can fit 60 pallets when double stacked which far exceeds the capacity of similar transportation, the trailer can be removed when it is not needed and loaded whilst the main truck is out on deliveries to be swapped when it comes back to the distribution centre. This will improve efficiency in Kites warehouse operation, a need that has become more apparent with the companies accelerated growth.

The new truck is also a triumph for Kites corporate responsibility agenda, in improving its environmental efficiency. The drawbar trailer can carry a lot more volume which is the critical element when it comes to packaging and therefore produces less CO2 emissions per pallet of product delivered when compared to any of the other standard vehicles used. 

Kite has included a full new livery design on the new truck to promote the brand, including a bold logo on each side of the both the trailer and the truck, as well as full information about the company on the rear end which details its products and services – a list which is extensive.

A spokesman from Kite Packaging Swindon said “We’re really excited about this acquisition and hopefully this is the first of what will become a larger fleet. We have seen amazing growth in our business across all the UK branches and the new truck will help us service our local business customers the best we can, assuring we deliver 100% on time in full, every time. In the most environmentally efficient way.”

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