An installation of six loading pods designed by Stertil Dock Products has streamlined operations, shortened work cycles and increased productivity for Wells Farm Dairy.

Each pod features dock houses, dock shelters, dock levellers and insulated sectional doors. The steel framed dock houses incorporate 40mm insulated cladding and are bolted to concrete bases to form robust and weather resistant structures. Within each dock house is a collapsible frame dock shelter, type WL 574, measuring 3,500mm wide by 3,500mm high.

The S Series swing lip dock levellers, type SF 3020, are manufactured from high tensile steel and provide a lifting capacity of 6,000kg. During the loading and unloading process, the leveller adjusts itself automatically to the changing floor height of the truck.

Also accommodated within the Stertil dock houses are Thermadoor insulated sectional overhead doors that were specified with two vision panels.