Logistics automation specialist KNAPP has expanded its Open Shuttle portfolio of Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) with a forklift version, Open Shuttle Fork.

Ideal for pallet transport in a variety of applications, the Open Shuttle Fork features a unique combination of features at a competitive price. Designed to turn on its own axis, the mobile robot is able to work in tight spaces, serving a more compact layout with narrower aisles. Smart technologies make Open Shuttle Fork completely safe for use around people and other vehicles.

Rapid installation

With its navigation based on SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology, there is no need for inductive loops in the floor or any other kind of visual marker. “With this technology,” explains Marc Shaw, Head of Business Development for KNAPP UK, “the robot’s laser scanner detects the natural contours around it, continuously comparing them with the known contours of its route. This means that Open Shuttle Fork can be started up immediately, without having to change any of the existing infrastructure, so installation is rapid.”

Fleet control

The AMR features integrated 3D obstacle detection and is able to classify obstacles as either static or mobile. Based on this information, it makes decisions and plans where to go. The Open Shuttle Fork is managed by KNAPP’s KiSoft FCS (Fleet Control System) software, which optimally assigns the transport orders and ensures that the fleet traffic flows smoothly at speeds of up to 1.5 m/s. After a charging time of around 60 minutes, each AMR’s battery life in continuous operation is up to 8 hours.

Versatile robot

With robust construction, the Open Shuttle Fork is suitable for industrial use. Its integrated electric lifter means the robot can pick up pallets from the floor and deposit them at heights up to 1.2m. As well as pallets sized up to 1200 x 1000mm, Open Shuttle Fork can handle special load carriers. This makes it ideal for a variety of transport tasks including the supply of workstations, moving loads at goods-in, tasks in a block storage warehouse and transport in the dispatch area.

Buy, rent or lease

Along with the rest of the Open Shuttle product range, Open Shuttle Fork can either be installed by KNAPP as a turnkey solution or it can be purchased for installation and start-up by the customer, following a comprehensive training course provided by KNAPP. For this option, there is a fixed price per AMR and a monthly fee to cover the hotline service and maintenance. Alternatively, for customers wanting to get started with automation or to smooth out peak periods, KNAPP’s Open Shuttles can also be rented or leased. Find out more here.

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