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Experiencing an insect problem in a factory can be devastating to businesses, and may cause wide-ranging consequences should it not be dealt with promptly.

ICE Cleaning are a specialist cleaning company who provide thorough insect removal services nationwide. Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, they can carry out the service at a time that suits you to help reduce downtime in your operations.

In this article, they take a look at why professional insect removal is important within factory settings.

Compromising products

The presence of insects in a factory environment is troubling for production managers, particularly if they are found in food facilities.

Many products will not be able to be used if they have been contaminated with insects, due to the health risks that they might carry with them. It is vital that you call in professional insect removal specialists as soon as possible if you identify signs of an infestation.

If products can no longer be sold or processed, this will have an impact on your output and to a wider extent, your profits. It could also affect your relationship with other suppliers, who won’t be impressed if products aren’t safe in your facility.

Health & safety responsibilities

Operations in factories are heavily regulated with strict health and safety procedures and laws. Professional insect specialists have undergone rigorous safety training to know how to carry out work in this kind of environment, and understand how to effectively eradicate insect issues.

The reputation of your business could be severely affected if employees or your products are exposed to insects. Our team will work diligently to return your site to a safe and clean condition so that you can begin operations as soon as possible.

Adaptability and knowledge

At ICE Cleaning, we can create a tailored service that will meet your requirements. Additionally, we are able to work at whatever time of the day is suitable to you to minimise any disruption.

We hold several accreditations too, including with the International Powered Access Foundation (IPAF). This allows us to work safely at height, which helps us effectively treat insect infestations in difficult to access areas.

What’s more, a benefit of using a company that undertakes specialist cleaning as well is that the area can be fully decontaminated following removal of the insects. This means you are able to save time on hiring several different contractors to do the job.

Check out ICE Cleaning’s website to find out more information about the services they provide