In the automotive industry, a smooth internal material flow is one of the essential factors for efficient production. The Craemer Group is one of the leading international automotive suppliers with its large-scale production of metal automotive modules and plastic load carriers. To ensure smooth intralogistics in the industry, the plastics pioneer has launched KUBO, a robust four-way box made of high-quality polyethylene (PE) as an alternative to the metal grid box (Gitterbox).

This latest innovation is the perfect solution for heavy goods and components and for all applications with high demands. The new Craemer PE box has many advantages over the steel frame grid design: it is lightweight and robust, easy to empty, clean and dry, guaranteed corrosion-free, highly resilient, versatile and stackable, can be pooled and repaired and, thanks to its closed walls, also protect sensitive vehicle components.

Plastic alternative to the metal Gitterbox

KUBO is compatible with metal Gitterboxes and is suitable for both alternative and parallel use. With the same external dimensions (1240 x 835 x 970mm / internal dimensions: 1132 x 732 x 831mm), it has a volume of approximately 610 litres; with a tare weight of 51 kilograms (including front drop door), it has a stacking load of 3000kg, a payload of 1000kg and a dynamic load of 2100kg. The design is based on the UIC-435-3 (International Union of Railways) and/or DIN 15155/8 standards. The four feet are designed as exchangeable corner columns. Craemer’s new KUBO four-way box runs maintenance-free and trouble-free on all conventional conveyor systems and is suitable for automated high-rack warehouses.

In addition to the advantages offered by the PE material – protected contents thanks to the closed walls, low tare weight and therefore more cost-effective empty transport (approximately 25% less weight than Gitterboxes) – the KUBO boasts enormous stability and excellent stackability. The stacking height of two KUBO boxes is 1940mm; a maximum of three plastic boxes can be stacked on top of each other with a full payload of 1000kg per box. As with the Gitterbox, the top edges provide ideal stacking surfaces.

The corner columns reinforce the box, while lower deck stiffeners with three transverse and two longitudinal profiles ensure high stability of the container floor. The L-shaped steel profiles on the long sides of the box, together with the additional ribs above the entry openings, also provide increased impact protection against forklift tines. As a four-way box, the KUBO therefore offers all-round protection.

Loading and unloading of stacked boxes

A large front drop door with a locking mechanism and hinges on one of the long sides, which opens 180 degrees downwards and outwards, makes it easy to load and unload parts even when the boxes are stacked. The front drop door (705mm wide x 423mm high) does not close flush with the edge of the box when closed, allowing forklift tines to be inserted when stacking or removing a box. To protect the opposite wall from a possible fork impact, the top edge is equipped with an internal chamfered edge.

The design with smooth and straight lines, minimal ribbing and rounded shape ensures easy cleaning and drying. In addition, the Craemer KUBO is temperature-resistant from -30 to +40 degrees Celsius (temporarily up to +90) and resistant to most chemicals and cleaning agents. It is available with optional drainage holes, with or without a front drop door and with RFID transponders for seamless tracking. Dedicated fields for prints provide space for individually stamped logos or lettering, studded fields can be used for temporary stickers, and the front drop door carries a document holder.


Thanks to its compatibility with the Gitterbox, the rugged construction and the high payload, this new plastic box is an ideal alternative or complement for Gibo metal grid boxes in the automotive industry. Craemer’s KUBO is particularly suitable for the transport of heavy automotive components. Learn more about KUBO here kubo_flyer_2022_web_en.pdf (