Plastic bearing expert igus UK produces a complete range of self-aligning rod ends, spherical bearings and thrust bearings that are approximately 80% lighter than steel alternatives.  These lightweight bearings have exceptional high performance properties and as a result engineers can reduce costs, maintenance and downtime associated with their equipment and processes.
Vibration, noise, chemicals and moisture can impede the performance of metal components, which in turn can cause an engineer real problems when a machine is in operation. However, bearings made from plastic do not have these issues.
All igus’ bearings including igubal are lifetime tested through millions of vigorous cycles in a variety of environmental conditions and have proven benefits, such as low coefficient of friction and high tensile strength. Therefore engineers can rest assured that time wasted on unscheduled maintenance is unlikely to occur.
The igubal spherical bearing range is a complete series of lightweight, plastic self-aligning bearing components consisting of a variety of rod end, press fit and thrust bearings. The range also includes clevis joints, pillow blocks, detectable self-aligning bearings and flange bearings.
To watch a short video of igubal in the igus test lab visit: