Reliable, accurate coding & marking systems meet labelling and traceability requirements whilst reducing operating costs, wastage and downtime

With the ice cream sector continuing to show a clear upward trend worldwide, manufacturers are increasingly choosing Macsa ID UK’s ( technologically advanced coding and marking systems to meet stringent labelling and traceability requirements, whilst reducing operating costs, wastage and downtime.

In conjunction with several leading ice cream manufacturers, Macsa has developed a range of innovative coding and marking solutions that enable greater speed, effectiveness, efficiency and safety in harsh production environments.

Further reinforcing its position at the forefront of cutting-edge coding and marking technology for the food industry, Macsa’s equipment offers reliable, accurate performance in humid and low temperature conditions, as well as during high pressure washdown and sub-zero storage.

Offering ease-of-use benefits together with high quality marking and traceability, the company’s machines are capable of marking a variety of substrates, including the ice cream product itself, auxiliary materials with direct food contact like wooden ice lolly sticks, and primary and secondary packaging.

For maximum brand impact, Macsa’s laser units can mark chocolate coatings directly with information such as customer logos or specific campaign details. Laser is the most suitable technology for marking directly onto food as it maintains the integrity of the product.

In fact, Macsa developed a customized machine comprising several laser systems and a stainless steel structure with water ingress protection. This has been designed to be integrated into the machine that manufactures the ice cream.

As an alternative to inkjet technology, Macsa has also supplied its K-1010 Plus laser models for marking wooden ice cream sticks. This particular customer was so satisfied with the cleanliness and marking quality of the CO2 laser that it now has a room equipped with seven lasers and respective feeders and conveyor belts.

For marking of moving ice cream products on a conveyor belt, Macsa installed compact CIJ (continuous inkjet) machines with IP65 protection and stainless steel tables.

Macsa designed a tailor-made solution integrated with a customer’s extrusion machines for marking of wrappers. It comprises water-resistant lasers which are optionally equipped with a vision system to detect whether the marking is correct.

Although it offers several different types of technology for printing on to secondary packaging, Macsa’s idBLOCKS 6020 print and apply system is capable of labelling in groups, improving the print quality of the codes and the autonomy of the labellers and extending the time between consumable changes.

In high capacity lines, two labelling machines were installed to work in master / slave mode, eliminating downtime due to consumable changeover. The system is also equipped with a scanner that activates the slave mode in case the code is illegible or the label is not attached.

In addition, Macsa’s laser coders have been installed into cartoning machines for marking batch numbers, expiry dates etc. onto cardboard boxes. Finally, high resolution inkjet equipment prints labels directly onto boxes.

Further demonstrating its custom design expertise, Macsa developed a low temperature labelling system to replace an old unit that was proving unreliable – and costly. The idBLOCKS Pallet 6011 labelling machine was adapted for a small workspace and features a heating kit for optimal operation at low temperatures.

For error-less operation, Macsa’s Optima software controls all its coding and marking equipment. The software is connected to the customer’s ERP, ensuring correct information is sent to all machines on the production line. Macsa will also customize its software to communicate with other systems such as MES, ESCADA, etc.