THORWORLD AND sales agent DARMAX UK has installed another modular loading dock for one the UK’s leading supermarket chains, providing a safe and semi-permanent loading solution without the need for extensive remedial work to the building. 

The retailer sought to improve the site’s existing loading operation, which relied on a scissor lift that was prone to breakdowns and thus causing delays in loading. Thorworld was asked to design and install an efficient and reliable modular loading dock, following the previous successful installation of Thorworld’s largest singular modular dock unit at another of the retailer’s locations.

Utilising Thorworld’s extensive modular dock expertise, Darmax supplied a modular dock solution complete with a manual Edge of Dock Leveller and ramp. This solution had to meet the store’s requirement to facilitate powered pallet truck loading and unloading, so special attention was paid to both the gradient of the ramp and the total ground clearance of the dock.

With these requirements in mind, the standard flooring of the dock and ramp was replaced for an anti-slip surface with a third-party contractor designing and installing a canopy to protect both staff and goods from the weather.

Modular loading docks as a semi-permanent alternative to traditional loading bays, provide an excellent competitive advantage to businesses looking to improve or expand their loading operations.

Thorworld Industries technical and engineering director Ian Langan, says: “At a time when businesses are looking to make every efficiency possible, modular loading docks offer significant value for money by avoiding the need for extensive construction work and planning permission – especially so for businesses that rent their facilities.”

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