Measuring noise at work doesn’t ever have to be a time-consuming task. At Cirrus Research, we’re here to take the pain out of ensuring your workplace conforms to the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005).

The aim of these Regulations isn’t to make your job more difficult, it is to ensure that your workforce are protected against the impact of excessive noise within their place of work which can lead to hearing loss and/or tinnitus.

The Optimus Red Sound Level Meter from Cirrus Research is a handheld measurement instrument that includes everything you need for occupational noise measurements, measuring everything you need simultaneously to save you and your team time.

Occupational noise level measurement made easy with the Optimus Red

This sound level meter has a large high-resolution display screen that makes reading your data incredibly easy, and is lightweight and easy-to-hold, making the device comfortable to carry around and use in your workplace.

Available as either a Class 1 or Cass 2 instrument, this meter has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to use your device alongside a compatible smartphone.

Other features include:

  • No complicated set up procedure making it straightforward to get started
  • Octave band filters to help you choose the right level of protection for your workforce
  • 4GB of memory to store your data
  • 12 hours of battery life meaning you won’t have to recharge in the middle of the working day
  • Access to NoiseTools reporting software as standard making reporting your data easier than ever before

Built as a noise at work meter, the Optimus Red meets the Noise at Work Regulations in the UK, European Union noise regulations, and the relevant guidelines in the United States.

Find out more about the Optimus Red Sound Level Meter from Cirrus Research here.

Need help understanding Noise at Work?

At Cirrus Research, we like to ensure that you get even more value out of your noise measurement equipment and fully understand the noise you’re monitoring. That’s why we’re now offering training courses online through our ALL-NEW dedicated noise academy website.

Each e-learning course, webinar and video has been specifically created to aid you with your understanding of noise and of our instruments.

Not only are you able to access a Noise at Work Training Course, which gives you all the background information you need for measuring noise in the workplace, but you are also able to access specific product training videos for both the Optimus Red and the doseBadge5 Personal Noise Dosimeter.

Head over to our training website and sign up today, or speak to a member of our team if you have any questions: