By bringing together the best of modern software and hardware, sector leadership is a bigger opportunity for more and more manufacturers

When it comes to leading the way in modern manufacturing, the issue isn’t just about better and faster equipment. It’s about the best in arrangement, implementation, practices, and orientation of existing technology, and making it work better than ever.

That is what flexible robotics represents. Many of the technologies involved that make this kind of warehouse automation possible have existed for several years, if not longer. However, only when deployed in these orientations do they make something truly revolutionary that can lead to sector leadership and industry-wide change.

The natural follow-through for this sort of development is to bring in an equally revolutionary approach to wider business management. To make such a thing possible, the best way forward for any modern manufacturer is a well-developed ERP solution. Like with flexible robotics, the technology that makes ERP possible is advanced, but not necessarily new. However, when it’s arranged properly it changes your business so radically, the position of sector leadership becomes probable rather than merely possible.

Revolutionary efficiency

The extent to which mundane and redundant tasks consume the time of manufacturing operatives has always been a known quantity, but one that has been reluctantly accepted as a cost of doing business. Repeatedly refilling documents ranging from purchase orders to courier information forms simply must be done in some manual capacity, or so it would seem. Regardless of how more widely tangential this work is to the actual business of manufacturing itself.

ERP software takes that away, allowing for more and more documents to be completed without direct manual intervention. This moves well beyond the realm of mere form-filling, and can be extended to many kinds of communication with customers and correspondence with clients. This allows for more of your staff’s valuable salaried time to be directed on the crucial work of materials and manufacturing itself. The more focus this core activity can be given, the more prosperous your overall operation can be, and the more likely leadership lands your way.

Extreme adaptability

Manufacturing is an ever-evolving industry and discipline. From business practices to best possible technology, there is very little chance a single subsector of this industry will find itself in the same shape now to where it was ten years ago, or where it will be ten years from now. Because of this, the idea of several disconnected business software subsystems is not ultimately sustainable. You need software that can communicate with your entire business in a streamlined fashion. Something that integrates into all your key operations. Not just something that can be operated manually, but needs re-training every time the process changes

You need an ERP system that can connect into whatever technology you employ, or whatever new business practices come your way. If you have to develop new separate systems from the ground up every time a different practice emerges, or if you need to shift gear between B2B and B2C, you’re going to get in technically troublesome territory. Discover how a singular streamlined ERP system, backed up by motivated and meticulous developers, can really change your operation and lead you towards sector leadership.

Total transparency

To take the lead in manufacturing, you need to take the same Latin advice that the Oracle considered important enough to hang over her door in the 1997 iconic work of cinema “The Matrix”. Temet Nosce. Know thyself. Only by building a complete and accurate understanding of the extent and effectiveness of your overall business operations will you be in a realistic position to take the lead in any manufacturing sector.

This is what a properly produced ERP solution has to offer. As an intentionally engineered by-product of every system in your business communicating clearly and intelligibly with every other system, you get a complete understanding of your entire operation. This means that not only do you know your outfit’s strengths, weaknesses, pressure points, etc, it also means you are best placed to know where you sit in the wider marketplace situation, and how best to move forward from there to where you want to be. Discover just what it means to know yourself with the power of a well-integrated ERP dashboard.

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Jon Roberts, Sales Director at OrderWise