Rotary vane compressor manufacturer Mattei has acquired Winton Engineering, the vehicle mounted power solutions provider. The acquisition will enhance Mattei’s range of specialist engineered products, which include transit-related solutions for the rail sector and the hybrid and electric vehicles markets, and will broaden growth opportunities for Mattei’s global team.

Established in 1985, Winton specialises in using the power of vehicle engines to drive auxiliary equipment, delivering compressed air and electrical power of up to 160cfm and 32kva at 110v/240v respectively. Its customers include many of the UK’s leading civil engineering, utility and tyre companies, and its systems can be installed in a wide range of vehicles, from light commercial to heavy goods.

Mattei’s rotary vane technology is used within Winton’s solutions, with vane compressors being considered more efficient than screw equivalents and generating less noise and heat.  

The acquisition was borne from a lengthy, successful partnership between the two long-established, market leading, family-owned businesses, and will result in the development of opportunities for both companies in the UK and overseas.

Andy Jones, managing director of Mattei, said: “Combining our expertise in the design and manufacture of rotary vane compressors and specialist transit-related products with Winton’s skills in developing vehicle mounted power solutions will enable the current offering to grow and expand.

“Winton will have direct access to Mattei’s engineering and marketing departments, and its regional offices. Our forward-thinking and dynamic approach to developing new business will also help to drive growth in the vehicle mounted power sector.”

Winton’s general manager Andy Gear said: “We have worked with Mattei for over 20 years, with its compressors providing us with the efficiency and robustness we need. We have enjoyed a long history and an excellent relationship with the company, and I am looking forward to this new endeavour and being part of the Mattei team in a more official capacity.

“The acquisition is very positive news for the future growth of Winton. It will be very much ‘business as usual’ for our customers and employees, but the acquisition and the backing that Mattei is providing means we are in a much stronger position in terms of product development and innovation. This will support the demanding operational and environmental challenges our customers are facing, while delivering financial stability and a broader range of resources. This opportunity will deliver benefits to all our customers.”

Giulio Contaldi, CEO of the Mattei group, said: “Winton has shown the UK what can be achieved with vehicle mounted power solutions. Following the acquisition, our aim will be to make these solutions available across the globe. Over the last five years Mattei has strategically developed a range of specialist engineered solutions, and we have become a major supplier to the rail sector, as well as the hybrid and electric vehicles markets. The addition of Winton’s products will enhance our offering, leading to many new opportunities for the global Mattei team.”

Mattei acquired Winton on June 19th 2015 for an undisclosed sum. Mattei was advised by Carlo Nicolai of Nicolai Partners.