Bibby’s UEP Modular Torque Limiters provide protection against overloads, delivering maximum safeguarding against expensive failures and prolonged downtime on twin screw extruders and mixers. The UEP modular torque limiters are the result of over 30 year’s experience in arduous applications, particularly the steel industry, mining and marine industries. Designed for use on twin screw extruders, they are said to offer simplified installation, accurate release torque repeatability – achieved with minimal variation between static and ­dynamic release, simple, fast manual re-engagement and low cost maintenance.

The Bibby UEP limiters are convenient individual modules which are factory preset to provide the required release torque. The benefit of this modular system is that downtime can be kept to a minimum, using spare pre-set modules that are held in stock as immediate replacements for when overloads occur, at any time of day or night.