Parker Hannifin, the motion control specialist, has introduced a new range of brushless synchronous electro-spindle motors, for use in machining centres, and in milling, turning and grinding applications. Called the HKW series, the new motors feature a water cooled, frameless design and have been developed for high speed machining at up to 50,000rpm. They are rated to 230kW, and can provide high torque at slow speeds and high maximum speeds at constant power.

Delivered as separate components, the new HKW range of synchronous electro-spindle motors can be integrated into the mechanical structure of existing or new machines, offering a flexible technology platform with the performance and functionality required to meet the demands of high speed machining applications.

The use of cold permanent magnet technology means that the bearings are subject to less heating than conventional induction motors and there is no dilation effect, ensuring a long and reliable service life. Additionally, HKW motors are smaller and more compact, with greater power density, than competing induction motors.

When used as spindle drives, the motors have low levels of vibration, giving the potential for higher quality surface finishing, while reduced axial shaft expansion delivers greater accuracy and increased bearing life.