Advances in technology and a greater understanding of the needs of employees mean this winter workers have a bigger and better choice of workwear to choose from than before according to workplace equipment provider Slingsby.

The company, which supplies more than 35,000 products through its catalogue and website, offers a wide range of personal protective equipment and workwear and this year has seen some major developments.

Lee Wright, marketing director of Slingsby, says: “Workwear is evolving faster than before with new materials, styles and technology being developed all the time. Many workers are also becoming more brand conscious and want workwear that looks good as well as being practical and comfortable.

“We have significantly increased our product range and have more choice than ever from all the leading manufacturers. We’re continually expanding our choice of high visibility and safety products which include all types of innovative features such as hard hats that use the same high intensity reflective materials used on motorway signs. Plus we’re now able to add corporate branding to many of these products which is proving to be extremely popular.”


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