Arco is bringing its safety offering up to date with the launch of the new Arco website, which features a modern look, improved navigation and product advice, plus the new product advisor function to help customers find the right safety equipment for the job.

The website is a reference tool for safety managers, business owners and workers looking for advice and a wide range of safety clothing, equipment and tools online. It has been given a modern streamlined look, designed to improve customers’ experience. An improved layout and navigation system gives customers a quick and simple way of ordering safety products.

The new online product advisor function guides customers through a search to ensure they are recommended the appropriate product for the job. Product pages have also been updated to provide more information on products, including technical data sheets and the ability for customers to leave feedback and read other user’s comments. Customers can also get the latest delivery details in real time.

In addition to the new website, customers can now browse safety equipment by iPhone with the new app available from iTunes.