RS Components (RS) has announced availability of a new range of tools from FACOM that have been designed to deliver both safety and productivity for those working at height

Targeting maintenance and electrical engineers, especially those in industries ?such as telecoms, power and energy generation, the new Safety Lock System (SLS) product range from FACOM addresses three main needs: security, cost and time. The issue of falling tools itself can cause accidents with consequences that affect both health and productivity.

Each tool in the SLS range can be tethered via a lanyard to prevent it from being dropped by workers while operating at height. In addition to significantly reducing the risk of an accident, disrupting a production process or causing damage to an expensive installation, the safety system means improved productivity for workers, as the time to retrieve dropped tools is saved and the tools themselves are not lost.

FACOM has developed a special ring system for the SLS range that has been designed to withstand shock and extreme stresses and temperatures. A steel cable has been embedded in the metal ring to ensure an extremely robust ‘ring/cable’ bond. Fully tested by the manufacturer and adapted to the design, weight and specifics of the tool, the rings have been created to withstand at least two times the weight of the tool. In addition, the full ring-tool set has been tested in real situations including a test of 400 falls per tool type.

The SLS range comprises 190 pre-equipped tools, including wrenches, ratchets and sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, tools for torque control, measuring devices, hammers, and sawing and cutting tools, as well as three lanyards, two belts, two belt accessories and two snap hooks. Each one of these tools is issued with an inspection certificate and also comes with a unique serial number engraved on the tool to provide traceability.

Further information on the SLS range and other products designed for workers and engineers operating at height is available via the RS website.