First Mats, the respected UK supplier of industrial safety equipment, now offers a new and improved range of Gas Cylinder Trolleys. Expertly designed and robustly constructed, these trolleys make life easier and safer for anyone moving gas cylinders within various industries, including Chemicals, Manufacturing, Energy and Logistics.

Gas cylinders play an integral role in many industrial processes, and their safe, efficient transport is a critical consideration. First Mats’ new range of trolleys includes several versatile designs for carrying either one or two gas cylinders concurrently, while offering a range of wheel configurations for optimal manoeuvrability and stability.

“The need for safe, secure, and efficient gas cylinder transportation is universal across industrial and manufacturing sectors,” said Richard O’Connor, Marketing Director at First Mats. “With this in mind, our newly introduced Gas Cylinder Trolleys have been selected based on these requirements, providing a tangible contribution to workplace safety and efficiency.”

Each Gas Cylinder Trolley in the range features a sturdy steel frame, restraining chains for added security, and an open design that offers handlers a clear view of their path. From the Single Gas Bottle Trolley available on two or three wheels, to the Tandem Gas Cylinder Trolleys, every product is built to withstand the rigours of industrial environments.

Additionally, the Welders Oxygen-Acetylene Gas Bottle Trolley and Small Gas Cylinder Trolleys, which can carry up to 12 small oxygen cylinders, are designed with the specific needs of industries such as chemicals and energy in mind. These sectors often require the transportation of different gas cylinder types, and these purpose-built trolleys make the process safer and smoother.

“In every sector, time and safety are of the essence,” added O’Connor. “Our Gas Cylinder Trolleys help companies streamline their processes, reduce manual handling risks, and ensure a safer working environment. It’s a win-win scenario.”

Committed to offering quality safety equipment at competitive prices, First Mats offers free delivery to all mainland UK destinations on orders over £45. For any queries regarding their new range of Gas Cylinder Trolleys or any other product, their dedicated customer service team is readily available to assist.

About First Mats:

First Mats is a Birmingham-based manufacturer and supplier of safety and industrial equipment. Trusted for its quality products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service, First Mats holds a top Trustpilot rating. For more information, visit