Newey & Eyre has confirmed its full support to firmer penalties that have been introduced to promote a safer environment for those working with electricity, to ultimately reduce the number of electricity-related injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Having come into effect this February (2016), the reformed Electricity at Work Regulations have brought in stiffer penalties for health and safety violations for those working in the electrical industry; including electricians, utility workers and other related occupations. What’s more, these penalties are higher for larger organisations and companies that have been recognised as high risk for the potential for health and safety hazards and could be fined as much as £10 million. The reforms also mean any directors, managers or employees that are aware of a breach that could cause death or disability could now face jail time of up to 18 months. 

 Mark McCall, product Marketing manager at Newey & Eyre comments: “We are pleased to see that the Government is seeking to encourage a higher level of electrical safety compliance in the workplace and to help elevate the potential risks for electricians.”

“As an industry, health and safety best practice has come a long way over the last decade. However the reality is over 2.5 million people receive a mains voltage electric shock per year, with 350,000 of those receiving a serious injury.¹ This is why the new regulations have been introduced in order to reduce the number of accidents and ensure that workers are not exposed to any danger whilst working.”

“While these penalties may at first appear severe, it is important to remember that they have been brought into fruition to target non-compliance in the sector – rather than those businesses that have already implemented best practice and safety procedures.”

For many electricians, the workplace can be rife with health hazards.  From loose wiring, electrical shocks and falling equipment, not to mention extreme weather conditions and dust, coupled with excessive wear and entanglement of a contractor’s clothing – which can all present serious health and safety issues.

The good news is that electrical health and safety doesn’t need to be a chore for busy electricians, or mean a big investment from an individual or company.  With this in mind, Newey & Eyre continue to stock a wide portfolio of products designed to give electrical workers direct access to all of the personal protective equipment (PPE) including tool lanyards to prevent falling hazards and certified tools they need to stay safe on the job.

He adds: “By making small, simple and cost-effective changes, it is possible for contractors to look not only professional on site, but also drastically improve their personal safety while getting the job done effectively.”

“For example, quality VDE approved tools, such as those available through Newey & Eyre, are both insulated and tested in strict accordance with IEC regulations.  The VDE testing and certification institute introduced stringent tests and monitoring to ensure that products were fit for use on live applications. This means that contractors who choose VDE tools can be sure that they are in compliance with national and international safety standards -while significantly reducing the risk of electrocution from live parts.”

“The demands placed on electricians are continually changing in order to meet an increasingly complex technology so they must be prepared for whatever is thrown at them, meaning that the correct equipment and implementing safety procedures is imperative.”

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