OMRON Corporation was designated as a Gold Standard Workplace, the highest evaluation under the PRIDE Index by ‘Work with Pride’, an NGO in Japan that evaluates companies and other organisations for their initiatives related to sexual minorities, including LGBTQ for the 5th consecutive year.

The PRIDE Index evaluates initiatives for sexual minorities, including LGBTQ, in the workplace across five indexes: policy, representation, inspiration, development, and engagement and empowerment. OMRON promotes diversity with initiatives related to LGBTQ, such as holding seminars for better understanding of diversity.

OMRON’s major initiatives related to sexual minorities include:

  • Establishment of human rights committees and hotlines for harassment and diversity issues at all business locations in Japan
  • Implementation of human rights training for all employees, including the promotion of understanding toward LGBTQs
  • Disseminating information regularly for better understanding of LGBTQs

OMRON strives to become a corporate group that encourages a diverse assembly of people with varied thoughts and values to fully demonstrate their capabilities and bring out their unique potential. This goal aligns with the group’s corporate philosophy: “respect for all” under the mission to improve lives and contribute to a better society through our businesses.

OMRON contributes to the creation of a better and sustainable society where individuals and companies grow together, in an environment that allows each and every employee to fully demonstrate their talented capabilities and work successfully. These initiatives also contribute to the achievement of the company’s Sustainable Development Goals.