OMRON LD Series and HD Series mobile robots have won the prominent Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Minister’s Award at the 10th Robot Awards program, which is chiefly co-organized by METI and the Japan Machinery Federation.

The Robot Awards program commends outstanding robots, components and software to facilitate the development of robot technologies and the expansion of robot utilization in Japan. OMRON LD/HD Series Mobile Robots have won the prestigious METI Minister’s Award accolade in recognition of a highly productive transport platform with advanced safety and usability that contributes to the advancement of manufacturing industries worldwide and its potential for future deployment.

OMRON’s high-quality mobile robot platform enables forming a fleet of multiple autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). It is a practical system combining individual technologies, such as simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology that constructs a map of an unknown environment while simultaneously keeping track of an agent’s location within it, and obstacle avoidance. Having sold over 3,000 units in 40 countries, they significantly contribute to enhance the productivity on manufacturing floors. Together with System Integrators, these transport platforms are expected to automate more applications in a wider variety of fields, to create a better society by solving social issues through business.

About OMRON LD/HD Series Mobile Robots

There is a growing need for the automation of material transport tasks as companies face rapid changes in society. These changes include the transition to high-mix, low-volume production, the social distancing of people due to the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the intensifying challenge of labour shortages on manufacturing floors.

While previous generations of transport robots had some challenges that needed to be solved before they could be applied to broader deployment, the LD/HD Series are designed to be deployed flexibly into a production line without factory layout change. Multiple OMRON’s mobile robots can work together in a fleet to increase productivity and they can also work safely among people. With their payload capacity ranging from 60 kg to 1,500 kg, OMRON’s mobile robots cover a variety of applications.

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OMRON’s Mobile Robots Win the METI Minister’s Award at the 10th Robot Awards Program

The HD Series are designed to be deployed flexibly into a production line without factory layout change