DS Smith, the leading sustainable packaging company, today welcomed Philip Hollobone MP to its Kettering packaging facility.  The visit provided Philip Hollobone with insight into the role DS Smith plays in the packaging industry and the opportunity to talk sustainable solutions with the industry experts.


DS Smith employs 69 people at its facility in Kettering, which takes in reels of paper and produces cardboard sheets to be used as boxes.


As the newly announced 11th Global Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, DS Smith spoke about its significant product offering, business model and sustainability agenda, focussing on packaging trends including the rise of ecommerce. This focus on sustainability is being driven across all sites managed by the UK headquartered FTSE 100 company. Experts from DS Smith, including its Kettering Plant Manager Graham Coles focused on the opportunities for sustainable design with cardboard and the opportunities to substitute plastic with paper-based packaging.


Philip Hollobone said: “I found my visit to DS Smith’s Kettering site really thought- provoking. I commend DS Smith for sharing its insight into sustainable packaging solutions, its approach to the circular economy and the recycling challenges in the UK. It’s imperative now that Government, local councils and businesses work together to tackle these issues head on.”


Peter Clayson, Head of Government and community affairs said: “We welcome the opportunity to work closely with the Government in connection with Resources and Waste Strategy that will directly impact our industry. At DS Smith we have a purpose of redefining packaging for a changing world, helping communities to continue to thrive in this rapidly changing environment. By sharing our expertise with local MPs, we can inform legislation as it is created to enable a more sustainable future for consumers and the environment.”


DS Smith presented new research to Hollobone, highlighting the 1.5 million tonnes of plastic that could be replaced by fibre-based products each year from just five areas within supermarkets across Europe. The company also shared recommendations to combat the UK’s Recycling Tipping Point which will lead the UK to miss its recycling targets by more than a decade. Recommendations include the appointment of a recycling minister and prioritising waste separation.


As e-commerce continues to grow and shopping habits change there has been an increased pressure on retailers, producers and manufacturers alike to reduce waste and decrease consumption of natural resources. This has led to cries for more innovative packaging solutions that are designed to be smarter and more sustainable. DS Smith operates a circular business model with packaging, paper and recycling operations that can collect and recycle used cardboard into a new box in only 14 days.