The British-made Pro-Vyda from Propeller GB, a point of use (POU) industrial vending machine is designed to be genuinely usable for a variety of applications and product types. It is said to offer seven times more capacity than the current market leader, considerably reducing the required installation footprint, while accelerated endurance testing has demonstrated at least five years’ dependable service without failure. It incorporates the latest generation of web-based software that enables the automation of re-ordering processes and the interrogation of stock data from any location with internet access.

Combining these features with streamlined aesthetics, a user-friendly VDU with ‘shopping basket’ facility, and an extendable modular configuration, the Pro-Vyda is suitable for dispensing MRO (maintenance, repair & overhaul) consumables, PPE (personal protection equipment), pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, office equipment and sundries, and the dispensing and return of tools. It has already been proven in the demanding environments of automotive, aerospace and components manufacturing, the pristine environments of electronics factories and clean rooms, and the hygienic settings of food processing.

The Pro-Vyda is engineered from heavy duty sheet steel, with a series of 3mm galvanised steel drawers, each having a load capacity of 50 kilos. Customisable internal drawer compartments accommodate different sized parts and are protected by clear polycarbonate slides, enabling only authorised items to be removed. The automated dispensing technology means the drawers open themselves electronically after parts selection, eliminating the breakages associated with user opened drawers on other vending machines.

Modular in design, each Pro-Vyda unit has a footprint of just 0.86m wide x 0.75m deep, with an overall height of 1.85m providing high density vertical storage. The master module incorporates a touchscreen user interface and has a capacity for up to 5,400 items. Pro-Vyda permits user access to inventory by means of PIN number, swipe card, biometrics or other terminal. The savings from an average 20-40 per cent reduction in inventory consumption, the elimination of shrinkage and ‘squirrelling’, and overall stock issue security should mean payback in 12 months.

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