Schaeffler has improved its Heater range of FAG induction heaters to include several technical innovations, which not only improve the safety and reliability of the devices, but also maximise plant and machine availability for end users.

Schaeffler’s heater range includes seven induction heater models, which are suitable for the mounting of bearings – or other circular steel components such as gears, couplings, pulleys and bushings – with a minimum bore diameter of 10mm, up to bearings with outside diameters of 1,500mm, with a maximum weight of 1,200kg.

High machine availability depends on the quality and reliability of individual machine components. Prior to mounting, workpieces such as bearings must therefore be heated uniformly. If heat output is too high, this can cause temperature differences between the inside and outside of the workpiece, which in turn, can lead to cracks or distortions in the material. In order to prevent this, Schaeffler’s new redesigned FAG induction heaters are equipped with various new features, including temperature-time (ramp) controls, which prevent overheating of the workpiece. Schaeffler believes no other induction heater currently available is equipped with these controls.

An automatic overheating switch-off function is provided, ensuring that the heater’s induction coil never overheats, which reduces the risk of damage (stress fractures or cracks) to the workpiece.

Another safety feature provided is an infrared remote controller which is useful with regard to health & safety regulations which stipulate an operator must stand at a safe distance from the heater during the heating process.

All FAG induction heaters are fitted with a new cooling element/heat sink, which dissipates heat inside the heater more effectively, providing further added protection against overheating.

For users who may be unsure of the size of induction heater they require, Schaeffler’s FAG Heating Manager software ensures that the correct selection is made ­quickly and easily.


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