ABB has expanded its measurement products range with the addition of pressure and temperature switches, enabling safe and reliable control of pressure and temperature in a range of industrial applications, including chemical, oil, gas and power.

ABB’s BETA pressure and temperature switches are characterised by their ability to offer safe and reliable performance in extreme conditions. Fully certified to leading international standards, the range includes pressure, differential pressure, vacuum and temperature switches, making them suitable for measuring fluids and gases in a wide variety of applications.

The switches incorporate a precisely engineered, self-aligning, piston sensor which provides precise operation. The limited travel in the piston, and its direct contact with the microswitch, allows accurate pressure transmission and full protection against the highest over range pressure.

The piston sensor is isolated from the process fluid by a diaphragm and static O-ring seal and retained by a process connection port. These are the only process wetted parts and are available in an extensive range of materials.


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