The GN414 range of safety indexing plungers from Elesa are designed for industrial applications in the machine tool and general engineering industries for fast and accurate location of jigs and other equipment. It features a black oxide steel body assembly with hardened end steel plunger and high resilience operating knob incorporating a red safety release button.

Safety configurations include protruding/retracted plunger with/without locking nut. In each case the plunger may be locked and only unlocked by pushing the red safety button which is fully integrated to exclude dirt or foreign objects from the mechanism. Type A requires the safety button to be pushed for the index plunger to be retracted; once the button is let go the plunger extends once again. Type B is operated when the knob is pulled to retract the plunger which then locks in the retracted (rest) position. Pressing the knob releases the plunger to extend once again. Similarly, Type C needs the safety button to be depressed to allow retraction of the plunger which then locks – a second push on the button releases it. Pin diameters of 6, 8 and 10mm are provided in the range.

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