The law emphasises good environmental health and safety training (EHS) but it also makes great business sense, making your business more effective and productive in what it does.

In practice, much health and safety training, is, and should be integrated into skills training. Its importance is then very obvious and immediate. But there is a solid case for standalone safety training too. If systematic and thorough, this training context is ideal for learning transferable principles, approaches and analytical skills from disciplines such as science, engineering, management, law, ergonomics and psychology. This can broaden and deepen understanding to enable you to tackle a range of situations, and even foresee and pre-empt potential dangers. Effective and relevant training is an investment that benefits the organisation as a whole.

It might include classroom training courses, on-site tool-box talks, or distance and e-learning courses. Training is not a panacea. It compliments safely designed plant, equipment and workplace. Good EHS training is an element of an overall risk management solution which leads to positive benefits for individuals and organisations.

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The course is one of a range of short e-learning courses offered by RRC, all of which cover key health and safety topics. Lasting two to three hours each they offer both an ideal introduction and a concise refresher. They can also be tailored, or combined in bundled packages to suit the specific requirements of corporate clients.

The Work Equipment Safety course is designed for those who use mechanical or non-mechanical work equipment. It provides an overview of some of the hazards associated with work equipment as well as some of the basic principles to ensure safety.

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