Specialist noise measurement equipment manufacturer Cirrus Research has launched the Optimus Green sound level meter. Designed for environmental, occupational and industrial hygiene noise, Optimus Green is the third in the Optimus family of sound level meters designed to for range of applications.

Following increased demand from the QHES market due to increased legislation on environmental noise, the Optimus Green has been created to combine the existing features from the Optimus range with the latest technological innovation and added functionality necessary for environmental noise to be accurately measured.

These include real-time octave 1:3 band filters measuring from 6.3Hz to 20kHz to accurately show variants in types of noise to help determine its source; repeating measurements allowing ­measurements over long periods of time; audio recording during measurement enabling the recording of the actual noise for later; replay and analysis to track down the audio fingerprint of the noise to pin point its source; voicetag audio recording before each measurement for note taking.

The Optimus Green is suitable for health and safety and environmental measurements. It can be used for basic noise and for noise at work measurements and every measurement contains all of the available functions so there is no risk of selecting the wrong parameter or function. It has an ergonomically designed case, easy to use interface and 120dB dynamic range and full free ­customer support service.