Seddons Plant & Engineers has expanded the company’s environmental product range by launching a portable Oil Spill and Pollution Prevention Kit designed for transportation on service vans, plus an Oil Chemical Spill Kit for workshop use.

The company’s Oil Spill and Pollution Prevention Kit is ideal for use on-site by Mobile Service and Repair Engineers. Designed to deal with spills on the go and all packaged up within a portable, clear resealable bag, it contains a fully equipped 15 litre Spill Kit, as well as a medium sized EnviroPad, a revolutionary method of spill containment which replaces traditional drip trays and absorbent products. It can be placed directly underneath engine powered equipment such as Generators and Cut-off Saws during repair or refuelling to retain spills and drips.

The EnviroPad, which has won a Gold Level Green Apple Environmental Award for Best Practice, incorporates a smart membrane with polymer technology inside that captures and retains hydrocarbons such as oil, diesel and petrol. Hydrocarbons are transformed into a dry, rubber-like solid within minutes, preventing the release of contaminated water or hazardous fluids into the environment. It can be repeatedly used until it is completely solidified, at which point it can be disposed of into standard hazardous waste bins. The medium EnviroPad has the capacity to retain up to 7 litres of hydrocarbons and the Spill Kit is fully kitted out with absorbent pads, absorbent socks, absorbent roll and disposal bags.

The company’s new Workshop Oil Spill Kit is designed to offer an economical solution for Workshop Fitters to capture small spills of up to 15 litres quickly and safely. Allowing rapid response to accidents and emergency situations in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, the Oil Spill Kit is contained within a clear, resealable bag and is well equipped with arbsorbent pads, absorbent socks, absorbent roll, drum top covers and disposal bags.

Stephen Seddon, Managing Director of Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd said: “We’ve only just launched these two new kits and there has been tremendous uptake so far because they are specifically designed with Mobile Engineers and Workshop Fitters in mind. Some sites demand proof that Engineers have the resources to deal with oil spillages, so these kits can provide an ideal solution. We introduced our environmental range last year and it has gone from strength to strength, whereby we now offer some of the most innovative pollution prevention and spill clean-up products available today.”