Global motor manufacturer, WEG has made significant investment in several of its branches across Europe. WEG branches in Italy, Turkey and Portugal have all embarked on notable projects to improve manufacturing and warehouse facilities, expand floor space and hire new staff — with the ultimate goal to reduce time-to-market for WEG customers on the continent.

WEG Italy, known locally as WEG Italia, boasted its fastest ever year of growth in 2022. As part of the investments, WEG has committed to a significant expansion of the Italian facility based in Lissone, Milan, increasing the total floor space by 6,000 sqm.

As a primary market for low voltage (LV) motors and drives in Europe, Italy is a key area for growth. One of the reasons behind the expansion is to create space for extra stock of the company’s LV motors and drives.

The announcement follows the completion of a significant building project for WEG Portugal. Portugal is a flagship branch for WEG, manufacturing an impressive 10,000 electric motors annually. The investments at the branch include the construction of a new 22,680 sqm factory in Santo Tirso, Portugal, doubling the size of the site.

The goal for WEG Portugal, registered as WEGeuro – Indústria Eléctrica, S.A, was to establish Europe’s most complete testing facility for medium voltage and high voltage motors and drives. The new factory has created an extra 100 new jobs and is expected to be fully operational by 2024.

“In today’s industrial climate, time-to-market is of utmost importance,” explained Marek Lukaszczyk, marketing manager for Europe and the Middle East at WEG. “Reducing lead times for our customers requires a great deal of investment — in our facilities, our technology and our people. For the last few years, we have undertaken a significant investment project in Europe and as a result, we are experiencing record growth across the region.”

WEG Turkey also will develop a 7,000 sqm warehouse in Dilovasi, Turkey. The site will act as the centre for the organisation’s operations in Eastern Europe and South-West Asia. It will be used to provide technical support to customers in the region.

More information on WEG and the company’s branches in Europe, the Middle East and the rest of the world can be found at Find your local WEG branch by visiting the website.