For manufacturers mixing in-tank in vertical mixing vessels, there are a range of different options to choose from. Silverson Machines offers a complete range of multipurpose in-tank batch mixers which are able to perform a wide variety of tasks. These mixers can often far outperform conventional mixers such as stirrers and agitators, cutting mixing times by up to 90%. Here Silverson explains how High Shear in-tank mixers can improve production processes when used in place of conventional mixing equipment.

High Shear Batch mixers – How do they work?

At the heart of every Silverson High Shear Batch mixer is a rotor/stator workhead. It is the high speed rotation of the centrifugal type rotor which draws materials into the workhead – lighter materials which float or raft on the surface of vessels will be drawn down into the workhead and heavier materials that sink to the bottom of the mixing vessel will be drawn upwards. Once the materials enter the workhead they are subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear in the precision engineered gap between the rotor and stator screen. Centrifugal force drives the material out through the holes in the stator and back into the mix, while the rotation of the rotor continues to draw the mixture into the workhead, setting up a circulatory pattern of mixing.

What can they be used for?

Because of the way in which Silverson in-tank Batch mixers work, these mixers can be used for many mixing applications such as disintegrating, emulsifying, homogenising, deagglomerating, solubilisation, accelerating reactions and powder incorporation. The versatility of the mixer is further increased by the range of easily interchangeable workheads and screens available for all Silverson high shear mixers. These workheads allow any machine to be adapted to perform a wide range of mixing operations so a Silverson mixer can be used in place of several pieces of mixing equipment.

What are the advantages?

The Silverson Batch Mixer range includes mixers from small units for R&D and pilot scale production suitable for volumes as small as 5 litres up to mixers capable of processing 30,000 litres, making scale up a relatively easy process.

Each workhead is designed and built to the same fine tolerances, from Silverson Laboratory mixers up to full scale production models.  Comparable rotor tip speed and shear rates across our entire product line means scalable results, every time. Mixing processes and products manufactured during R&D can easily be replicated on a much larger scale.

With high shear Batch mixers, processing times can be up to 90% quicker than that of conventional mixing equipment, which not only saves time, but also energy requirements, helping to reduce processing costs. Some of these mixers also come with the option of a mobile hydraulic floor stand which greatly increases the flexibility of these mixers, allowing them to be moved from vessel to vessel and used on multiple products and applications.

Other Silverson In-tank mixers:

For certain applications, a Batch mixer may not be the most suitable mixer in the product range. Silverson Machines offer the largest capacity range from a single manufacturer and features a range of other in-tank mixing options for more specialised requirements:

Duplex Disintegrator/Dissolver

For disintegrating smaller solids, the Duplex Disintegrator/Dissolver can be used in place of conventional in-tank agitation. The Duplex has twin workheads, facing in opposite directions. The upper workhead pulls materials down from the surface of the mix and subjects them to an initial disintegration before expelling them radially back into the mix. The lower workhead then draws the liquid and solids upwards from the base of the vessel and further reduces the particle size, accelerating the solubilisation process and ensuring a homogeneous end product is obtained.

Silverson Ultramix

The Silverson Ultramix is designed for applications that are beyond the capabilities of a conventional agitator or stirrer but do not necessarily require the intense high shear of a Silverson rotor/stator mixer. Ideal for rapidly wetting out powders including gums and thickeners, the Ultramix is also ideal for use in vessels with narrow openings. The vigorous mixing action is capable of moving the entire contents of vessels even in difficult shaped containers. For this reason the Ultramix offers considerable advantages for customers using IBCs (tote bins).


If you’d like to discuss your in-tank mixing requirements, contact Silverson Machines.