The chiller plant represents one of the major energy consumers in most buildings. Trane, a specialist in indoor comfort solutions and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, now offers a range of powerful, intelligent and easy-to-use control solutions that help manage chiller plant operational costs.
Facility managers require comprehensive solutions that improve the performance of individual components while enabling them to communicate and operate in harmony to deliver optimal, efficiency and performance as a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
Based on 100 years of extensive knowledge in commercial cooling systems, Trane introduces Chiller Plant Controls, advanced control solutions designed to optimize chiller plant performance. This high-performance approach to both new and existing facilities helps owners and operators achieve specific standards for system reliability as well as energy efficiency.  
The Chiller Plant Controls feature a range of the following customised control solutions for different applications:
* Chilled Water Reset optimizes chiller performance by tracking seasonal changes in cooling load and adjusting the chilled water set-point to improve chiller efficiency. This control solution matches plant operation with prevailing conditions which lowers the burden on the compressors and reduces energy consumption.
* Chiller Plant Sequencer matches the number of chillers in operation to the cooling requirements at any given time to substantially reduce run times leading to a reduction in energy consumption. Based on the chilled water demand, Chiller Plant Sequencer limits chiller operation and its associated auxiliary equipment thus reducing operating costs. A touch-screen display allows for monitoring and control of key operating parameters.
* Chiller Plant Manager is an advanced supervisory system that reduces operating costs by balancing component run times. It controls the system components and ensures that only the required ones are operating to meet a system load. It allows them to work in harmony to maximize reliability and performance.
In addition to controlling the chillers, the Chiller Plant Manager also controls and sequences the components of the chiller plant and can notify users when scheduled maintenance is required. Browser and application support for both tablets and mobile phones provides remote operation. Features like data trending allow operators to monitor key parameters of the chiller plant.

* Chiller Plant Optimizer is an advanced, fully scalable and adaptable controls solution that takes a holistic view of the plant resulting in optimised operation of the complete system and minimized energy use. The Chiller Plant Optimizer is capable of controlling advanced functions including free cooling, heat recovery or thermal storage. It also provides a comprehensive dashboard view enabling additional data management, detailed performance reporting and proactive action to address operational deviations.
“For Trane, a control solution goes far beyond automation of the chiller plant. It responds to the needs of individual components, addresses inherent anomalies and ensures totally coordinated operation,” said Hugues Depré, controls project development leader for Trane in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. “With Trane Chiller Plant Controls, customers have a solution that helps them optimize their system performance and achieve increased comfort and security coupled with reduced costs of ownership and operation.”
Trane Chiller Plant Controls architecture is built around core high-technology components that are scalable for water-cooled or air-cooled chiller plant infrastructures.
Trane Tracer controls are built on the open BACnet data communication protocol that allows for the future integration of additional building automation devices, from both Trane and other suppliers. The Tracer BAS Operator Suite provides applications for tablets and mobile devices that allow for remote building monitoring and management.