ESAB, specialist in welding and cutting technologies, has supplied submerged arc welding (SAW) equipment and welding wire to Rhyal Engineering for the on-site fabrication of storage tanks and vessels.

Rhyal Engineering is a specialist in the field of site-built storage tanks and vessels for use in the petrochemical, aviation, power, water and bulk storage industries. Because of the highly competitive nature of this business, Rhyal Engineering recently approached ESAB with a view to implementing high-productivity mechanised submerged arc welding in place of manual metal arc (MMA) welding.

Initially four ESAB A2 Multitrac packages were supplied. These single-wire tractor units are fitted with the PEK controller that features a clear display screen, a facility for pre-setting welding parameters, and encoder feedback for precision control of the tractor unit. Another important element in each Multitrac package is the ESAB LAF 1001 welding rectifier. To complement this equipment, ESAB supplied its OK Autrod 12.22 solid wire, a copper-coated wire optimised for SAW processes and can be used with most fluxes. Rhyal Engineering also purchased three ESAB AGW2 tank welder units.

Willie Findlay, Rhyal Engineering’s quality assurance manager, says: “The quality of the ESAB equipment is excellent and the need for post-weld cleaning is minimal. Technical support form ESAB is excellent. The engineers did a great job in getting the equipment running and spares are being held for us in the UK.”