Visual Tagging solutions from Scafftag communicate the latest equipment inspection and status at the point of use and record an audit trail of equipment maintenance, tests and inspections to comply with health and safety legislation.

Scafftag inspection tag systems help control pre-shift inspections, maintenance and identification of all and any aspect of site and/or equipment, improving workplace safety and communication. Scafftag offers visual tagging systems to meet your needs for a wide variety of applications, including (but not limited to) scaffolding, forklifts, hoarding, fencing, temporary works, spill, fire and first aid, excavations, shelving, restricted areas, harness and many more ..

The majority of Scafftag solutions comprise 2 components – a holder attached to the asset or equipment, and replaceable inserts to record latest inspection and noteable data. This creates a simple 3 stage looped process for latest equipment status and a clear data trail.

1. Empty holder displays: Do not Use, Do not enter, Inspection Required .. etc

2. Equipment is inspected periodically, the insert is completed and placed in the holder

3. If equipment should not be used, remove the insert from holder

This ensures you have a permanent data trail of inspections and work carried out, as well as evidence in a court of law if you need it.

Tracking inspections and relaying information on working sites can be a very difficult task. Work or construction site machinery that does not receive the necessary inspections poses a risk to your workers and their environment. Protect your team and relay the latest information.

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Extremely robust and reliable

Holders and inserts are designed to last in extreme outdoor conditions. Holders are made out of ABS or Nylon and will rarely break. The polypropylene inserts can withstand water, oil and dirt while still being easy to write on. Both the holder and insert can resist prolongued UV exposure in order to stay legible in construction sites.

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Save lives with SafeTrak

Too many workplace accidents are still caused by using equipment that is not fit for use. These accidents can have grave consequences. Imagine a scaffold collapsing: co-workers and passers-by might be seriously injured with colossal impact for themselves, their families and your business. Think about what happens when your fire extinguishers do nothing when they should, when valves suddenly break down, or when the reverse warning indicator on a forklift does not work

Diligent inspection planning, thorough equipment inspections and clear inspection reports and histories can save lives, avoid suffering and major costs in a lot of industries.

SafeTrak is a digital system that supports businesses with inspection planning, equipment inspections and inspection reporting to maximise safety, improve resource performance and minimise costs.

SafeTrak offers:

  • Digital planning of regular equipment inspections

  • Guided, step-by-step customisable equipment inspections

  • Automated reporting on demand or at regular intervals

  • Digital book in/out for equipment

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