From its biggest ever stand at MACH 2018; Thame Workholding will introduce a number of new products that will receive their UK exhibition premiere. On Stand H6-170, the company will introduce the new Lang RoboTrex automation system, new Inoflex chucks, a new multi-faced fixturing system and the renowned Lang Macro-Grip. These products will be supported by a host of industry leading established solutions at MACH.

Certain to attract crowds at MACH will be the new RoboTrex Automation System. The first Lang automation system based on the small QuickPoint 52 system, the RoboTrex makes the automation of any CNC machine tool possible. Extremely flexible and suitable for retro-fitting to the front or side of a machine tool, the RoboTrex makes automation a possibility for all machine shops. Suitable for working with individual components up to 12kg, the RoboTrex is offered with a choice of up to four specially designed workpiece trolleys that serve as a vice storage system.

Another MACH debutant on the Thame stand will be the new Inoflex VL Range. This new weight reduced range of self-centring four-jaw chucks is suitable for vertical turning centres have the capacity for clamping of parts from 420mm to 1,200mm. Incorporating some striking design features, the new Inoflex VL chucks offer clamping flexibility through its compensating features that permit the secure clamping of round, cubic and geometrically irregular workpieces when milling or turning. In addition, the weight reduction characteristics improve clamping forces at higher machining speeds while simultaneously reducing the stress and forces placed on the machine spindle when machining large workpieces.

Thame will also be introducing its latest series of multi-face fixture systems for five-axis machining applications. The next generation in five-axis machine tool work holding; this three-faced fixture facilitates the clamping of three individual components on a single fixturing device. The benefit of this exciting new innovation is that a three-faced configuration provides greater clearance and access to five-axis parts, especially when compared to standard four-face tombstone systems.

Alongside this will be the Makro-Grip clamping and stamping technology. Found in machine shops all around the UK, the system is a raw part clamping vice that features high repeat accuracy for inserting workpieces without any end-stops. Clamping on a minimal amount of material, the Makro-Grip five-Axis Vice with quick-point zero-point clamping provides industry leading accessibility for five-face machining with exceptional holding power and the lowest clamping forces. This is credit to its patented stamping technology that is available on the three different jaw widths of 46mm, 77mm and 125mm.

For more information, visit Stand H6-170 at MACH 2018.