Variable frequency drives go by a lot of names, depending on who you talk to. Sometimes, they are shortened down to VFDs. Other times, people will refer to them simply as an AC drive. No matter what VFDs are referred to as, they still serve the same purpose.

These devices will all control the electrical motor of your machinery. Getting an AC drive installed is probably one of the best things you can do for your industrial business. Here are three major ways variable frequency drives can benefit your business.

A VFD Can Increase Productivity and Efficiency

As said earlier, the purpose of a VFD or AC drive is to control the speed of a machine’s electrical motor. There are many, many reasons that you might want to control the speed. For one, when you have the opportunity to control the speed of the electrical motor, you will have the option to set the speed to whatever setting you need to get the job done.

Depending on what the purpose of the machine is, you might need to make the motor faster for certain tasks. If you feel that you need to do this, you can simply turn to the VFD and adjust the motor speed accordingly. If you realise that things need to be taken slowly and precisely to produce a better result, you can adjust the VFD for this purpose as well.

No matter what you run into, you will be able to adjust the variable frequency drive to fit your application requirements. With this amount of control and efficiency, you will be able to start working at a more effective, efficient, and productive level, which is something that any industrial business can appreciate.

Given the sheer number of VFD types on the market, as we can see here, and the modulability of each AC drive, the precision & control you can have over your machinery is almost limitless. This is specifically why such a device is capital within a manufacturing or industrial configuration. But that’s not all, as we’ll see in the next point.

A VFD Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Machinery

Because you are able to control the electrical motor’s speed as you need, you will also be able to set it to a speed where the task at hand gets done in a reasonable amount of time, but no extra energy is wasted in the process.

You might not think that something such as this is important, but it is crucial for anyone who wants to keep their industrial machinery in good condition. When the motor doesn’t have to work excessively hard to get the job done, it will end up lasting longer. This will help your business save money as you will not be replacing the motor too frequently.

In addition to this, excess energy is not wasted on the motor going faster than it needs to. This excess energy can be used for powering other machines, or it can simply just be there as saved electricity. In the end, the improved energy efficiency will go a long way toward making sure that your business runs well. This interesting Q&A article adds great insights to the energy-saving benefits of AC drives.

It Can Therefore Help You Save on Electricity Bills

This final point goes hand-in-hand with the previous one. When you are working in a more energy-efficient manner, you are also wasting less electricity. When you are wasting less electricity, you can rest assured that your electricity bill is going to be notably lower.

It takes quite a bit of energy to run some industrial machinery, meaning that being able to save money by improving the energy efficiency of one machine can go a long way for your business.

This saved money can accumulate, becoming money that you can later use to better your business as a whole. Or, you could use this money elsewhere, improving some of the most important machines in your business.

No matter where you plan to use this saved money, being able to save money in the first place is something that you will want to think about. These are just some of the ways that a VFD can help your industrial business out.