ESAB, the welding and cutting technologies specialist, has launched the Aristo RoboFeed 3004HW welding wire feeder that is designed for mounting on hollow-wrist robots. The compact and lightweight feeder does not hinder flip over motions in robots of this type, and the low weight does not restrict the high accelerations required for fast cycle times.

The feeder is compatible with ESAB’s SAT (Swift Arc Transfer) technology for high deposition rates. This means the ultimate welding productivity package can be sourced from ESAB, comprising an Aristo welding power source, Aristo U82 handheld controller and Aristo RoboFeed unit that are all SAT compatible, plus endless MarathonPac bulk drums of high-performance welding wire. Together these products deliver high productivity, low downtime for maintenance, and zero stoppage time for wire spool changes.

Features which help to minimise downtime include wear parts – such as feed rollers and nozzles – that can be changed in approximately three minutes with no need for tools, and a design that facilitates the exchange of the feed unit, controller or cables in just 15 minutes.


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