Flextraction, supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products for dust and fume extraction, is offering TEKA’s BGIA approved Strongmaster mobile cartridge filter for industrial fume extraction. The Strongmaster comes equipped with a separator, durable, de-dustable, large-surface filter cartridge and PTFE laminate. The device was exhibited by Flextraction in the AWD Welding World Village at MACH 2012 last month.

The filter cartridge is de-dustable for a long life and reduced operating costs. It stays in the unit during de-dusting, preventing dust from entering the workroom and the unit comes supplied with a visual and acoustic filter monitor, sealing face lifter, hour-meter, direction display, cable reel and castors with brakes. Strongmaster is BGIA-approved for every type of TEKA suction arm and is ready assembled.

Features of Strongmaster include 3,000m3/h fan capacity, low 75 dB(A) noise level, maintenance doors for easy access to filter cartridge, dust collector and fan.

Strongmaster collects dust and fumes by suction arm or suction hose and lead into the filter unit. A large ­surface spark protection serves as ­

pre-separator and distributes dust ­particles on the whole filter surface.


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