Mattei will be displaying the world’s most efficient single stage rotary compressor, alongside a selection of other energy efficient compressed air solutions, including some innovative prototypes, on Stand AF140 at Air-Tech 2016.
Taking place at the NEC on April 12th-14th, visitors to Mattei’s Air-Tech stand will have the opportunity to see several of the company’s high-quality, energy efficient products, including the new ultra-high performance Maxima Xtreme 75kW compressor. With fluid dynamic optimisation, a new sprayed oil injection system, plus a specially designed high-performance lubricant, the Maxima Xtreme guarantees world-leading ultra-high performance and a specific energy efficiency of just 5.2kW/m³/min.
Visitors to Stand AF140 will also have the opportunity to view Mattei’s Blade series of compressors, including the newly launched 15, 18 and 22kW models. These recent extensions to the range are ideal for applications requiring a reliable, high-quality compressed air supply of between 95 and 132cfm, whilst the Blade 1.5, 2.2 and 3kW models (5.6 – 11.3cfm) are suited to smaller workspaces and workshops. Sitting between these, the Blade 4-11 models offer 22-60cfm of high-quality air.
Additionally, attendees will have the chance to see Mattei’s cutting-edge energy saving Xpander prototype, which converts waste heat into electrical energy. Designed to work with air compressors of 50-100kW, the Xpander recovers heat from hot compressor oil, which is ordinarily cooled by a fan, and converts it into electrical power. It can produce 3kWe, which can be fed back into the compressor. When the Xpander is cooling the oil, the compressor’s normal fan cooling system can be turned off, saving a further 2kW. The overall reduction in the specific energy efficiency of the compressor is around six per cent.
Representatives from the Mattei team will be available throughout the exhibition to discuss compressor and control products, and provide advice on how to improve energy efficiency and keep carbon emissions and running costs to a minimum through additional services such as leak detection, energy audits and data logging.
Andy Jones, managing director at Mattei, said: “We are all very much looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new potential customers at the exhibition. It’s a great opportunity for us to provide advice on cutting the capital and running costs of a compressor and reducing energy consumption.
“Mattei experts will provide visitors to the stand with information and advice, and hope to demonstrate the cutting-edge innovations which have built us a reputation for quality, performance and energy efficiency. A combination of energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs means that we believe our compressors offer the lowest total cost of ownership on today’s market, which is a message we hope to spread during the show.
“The Maxima Xtreme and Xpander are particularly exciting developments for us, typifying our commitment to improving the energy efficiency of compressed air systems. We look forward to exhibiting them at the show.”
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