Zebra Technologies will be demonstrating its robotics automation, fixed industrial scanning and machine vision portfolio and Matrox Imaging software and hardware solutions at the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference (Stand 6) and Automation UK (Stand A31). Both events are co-located at the Coventry Building Society Arena from the 20th to 21st June 2023.

At the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference, the Zebra stand will feature demonstrations of Zebra’s new Deep Learning OCR software. It comes with a ready-to-use neural network that is pre-trained using thousands of different image samples. It can deliver high accuracy straight out of the box, even when dealing with very difficult cases. Users can create robust OCR applications in just a few simple steps—all without the need for machine vision expertise. The intuitive Zebra Aurora™ interface makes set-up easy.

Zebra will also demonstrate its Aurora software with Studio, Library, and Deep Learning options to match the needs of engineers, programmers and data scientists. We’ll also demo Matrox Imaging’s Design Assistant and Matrox Imaging Library, together with a range of Zebra fixed industrial scanners and machine vision cameras and Matrox Imaging hardware.

On its Automation UK stand, Zebra will host a demo showing how our portfolio can cooperate in warehouse workflows with Zebra’s Fetch autonomous mobile robots, creating human-centered automation operations.

Zebra’s Warehousing Vision Study revealed that 80% of industry decision-makers plan to implement machine vision by 2025, and 90% plan to introduce AMRs for materials movement by 2027. Today, manufacturing companies like BMC are using a smart, scalable combination of AMRs and Aurora-powered scanning, while warehouse operators like Waytek benefit from flexible, scalable robotics automation, alongside start-ups making food production more sustainable. AMRs can also make warehouses more inclusive for front-line workers with sensory disabilities, as Austin Lighthouse shows.

With Zebra’s Fetch AMRs and machine vision systems, solutions come ready out of the box, taking hours and days to set-up and deploy, rather than months. Thanks to user-friendly graphical interfaces that operate on a drag and drop approach, warehouse operators can more quickly deploy and see the positive outcomes from AMRs and machine vision, as well as making it easier for front-line workers to learn and use these technologies.

Across both days of the event, Zebra Vice President and General Manager, Machine Vision, Donato Montanari, will host a seminar on how this approach combined with advances in deep learning technology is revolutionising approaches to industrial machine vision and unlocking new possibilities across previously challenging applications.

OCR, or “optical character recognition”, has been around for many years. While traditional techniques are good in perfect conditions, they often struggle when faced with blurred or damaged text, non-uniform illumination, complex backgrounds or text printed, etched or engraved on surfaces like glass or steel. All too often, these limitations have led engineers to avoid OCR-based machine vision projects due to insufficient accuracy, and the workload involved in developing a stable solution.

In this short presentation, Donato Montanari will show how deep learning technology offers a way beyond these common challenges of traditional OCR techniques. He’ll explain why you should forget about traditional text segmentation and OCR model training and share some exciting use cases of deep learning OCR. He will show just how fast a deep learning-based solution can be. And last, but not least, introduce you to you how Zebra is rolling out support for deep learning-based OCR technology across multiple different platforms.

Join Donato Montanari in the Deep Learning & Embedded Vision theatre from 10:30 on 20th June, or 16:00 on 21st June to learn more.

You can visit Zebra Technologies at Automate UK on Stand A31, or at the Machine Vision Conference on Stand 6.