International safety barrier company, A-SAFE, has launched a search to find out when people believe health and safety has been taken too far, after research found two thirds of Brits flout the H&S rules in their workplace1.

The study, of over 1000 members of the UK’s workforce, revealed that 44% of workers have witnessed a colleague breaking health and safety rules, and three out of five admitted that they sometimes forget the procedures in their workplace. 

James Smith, co-founder at A-Safe, said: “We’ve launched this competition to understand people’s opinions on health and safety policies with the hope of helping Britain’s workforce to realise the benefits that health and safety offers them. Based on the outcome of the competition, it may be that employers need to use common sense when implementing health and safety procedures for people to take it more seriously.”

If you can think of an example of when you believe health and safety went too far, simply submit your entry to A-SAFE at for the chance of winning a £200 Love2Shop voucher.