With the newly-developed Reload method, Beko sets a benchmark for energy efficiency regarding the drying of oil-free compressed air in two stages. The method removes the need to heat the compressed air during the regeneration phase. Pressure dew points of – 40°C can be achieved at compression end temperatures of only 150°C. This saves energy costs andprotects the environment. 

This is suitable for all industrial sectors which use compressed air with oil-free compression and which would like to achieve better quality with reduced energy input in the future. Depending on the field of application, Beko offers the Reload method in two plant concepts: 

1. In the standard application without additional heating for 2-stage oil free compression for dew points of – 40 °C.

2. In a special application with moderate additional heating, e.g. for the electronics industry, with dew points of – 70 °C. 

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