In a bid to meet production demands for improvements in energy efficiency and air quality, Suffolk based insulation board manufacturer Celotex has replaced its compressor installation with an Atlas Copco full-feature, variable speed drive, oil-free compressor together with a heat regenerative IMD dryer. This reduced energy consumption and improved air supply quality in the plant and the environmental impact has been a contributory factor in gaining the company its ISO 14001 accreditation.

Dry compressed air is an essential factor in the ­continuous production process for insulation board assembly, which sandwiches PIR foam (polyisocyanurate) between two layers of aluminium foil or mineral glass tissue facer. Two existing Atlas Copco ZT37 fixed speed, oil-free compressors and associated refrigerant dryers were replaced with a single air-cooled ZT75VSD FF machine incorporating an IMD heat-of-compression technology dryer. The installation provides the completely moisture-free air blanket required for the production process and, its variable speed drive feature that matches output to production demands, is a major factor in reducing energy consumption. Celotex process improvement manager Jason Walker, says the company can expect energy savings of around £6,000 a year.

Atlas Copco’s Full Feature concept is a total installation – the compressor is a pre-wired and pre-piped solution. Integrating the IMD dryer and its variable speed drive enables the compact package to supply high quality dry compressed air at the lowest cost. The IMD absorption dryer eliminates the moisture before it enters the air net to ensure a reliable process and a contamination-free end product. No external energy is needed to dry the air, and as the dryer needs no purge air, no compressed air is wasted.

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