The European Standard for the quality of compressed air states that “all contaminants shall be kept to as low a level as possible and shall be below the national exposure limit”. In order to achieve the standards, a1-cbiss has designed a breathing air quality test kit that comes with everything required for an ‘on the spot’ test.

At 4kg, the AIRQUAL-1 is packaged in a protective, aluminium, yet lightweight casing and does not require charging, meaning that it can even be used in situations where power isn’t accessible. The AIRQUAL-1 measures carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, water vapour, oil mist, relative humidity and temperature. It is said to offer more in terms of meeting the requirements for BS EN12021.

To ensure minimal fuss whilst testing your compressed air, the AIRQUAL-1 comes with everything you need to carry out a basic test. It includes:

Four x packs of Gastec Airtec Tubes (10 tubes per pack);  GasBadge Plus (O2 sensor); a stopwatch – to measure sample flow; selection valve for pressure and flow; flow meters for the air and gas tubes; a screwdriver – to adjust flow; a testpad – to record results; a tip breaker

With no extra equipment, no need for batteries and an on-site calibration function, the AIRQUAL-1 keeps servicing costs at an absolute minimum making it the ideal kit for compressed air testing.


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