Atlas Copco Compressors has announced the appointment of Mark Ranger as business line manager of its Oil-Free Air division in the UK. In his new role, Mark is aiming to sustain Atlas Copco’s position in the provision of oil-free compressors to key sectors including food and beverage manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical processing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and electronics, where absolute assurance of air purity is a high priority. At the same time he will be developing the market position of oil-injected compressors over 90kW, which are the backbone of many larger manufacturing processes.

With 30 years of experience in the compressed air industry, Mark served as an oil-free sales manager at Atlas Copco from 2005 to 2011 and returns to the business to fulfil his long-held ambition to lead the Oil-Free Air division.

Commenting on his new role, he said: “Having worked for a number of companies in the compressed air industry since I started my career in 1985, I now have a greater-than-ever appreciation of Atlas Copco’s reputation in terms of technology, people and positioning. Coupled with the opportunity to fulfil a personal ambition to head the Oil-Free Air division, this role was one that I could not allow to pass. My objective is to ensure that Atlas Copco remains foremost in the minds of compressed air users, in markets where there is a focus on maximising productivity through product innovation and reliability. At the same time, we can meet the need to reduce the total cost of ownership and the use of energy from environmental, regulatory and cost-saving perspectives.”

Atlas Copco was the first compressor manufacturer to receive certification denoting the highest industry standard of air purity, ISO 8573-1 Class 0. This provides an absolute guarantee against oil contamination of process air.

In addition to promoting Atlas Copco’s oil-free Z compressors, Mark’s role also encompasses the range of GA90-500 oil-injected rotary screw compressors, which have recently been remodelled to offer increased productivity levels and reduced operating costs for industries such as glass, cement and textiles. Also in his remit are the energy-efficient low-pressure screw blowers that Atlas Copco supplies to the water and wastewater industries.

Mark is keen to ensure that top-tier industrial customers across all sectors are aware of the complete range of products and services available from Atlas Copco. With a wide range of both oil-injected and oil-free compressors and accessories in its portfolio, Atlas Copco can help customers identify the best compressed air solution for the particular application. Its ongoing maintenance and service programmes also help customers gain long-term value from their investment, through additional capabilities such as regular auditing, remote monitoring and provision of genuine spare parts and specialist service engineers.