Boge has extended its C series screw compressors up to 22kW. The C15 to C30 provide a quiet, compact and efficient compressed air solution to the medium-sized compressed air user, said to set a new standard in specific power and sound pressure levels.

The extended Boge C series range has been engineered to generate high free air deliveries in continuous operation and in an efficient manner.

For maximum dependability and efficiency all essential components have been integrated into the compact module. This serves to eliminate pipework and to reduce flow losses.

These C series models are said to be very quiet in operation and offer increased compressed air outputs. The new models are also energy efficient.

For the ultimate energy efficient solution, a heat recovery system can be added to the new C series models as an option. Up to 94 per cent of the input electrical energy is dissipated through the cooling medium (air or water) and can be recovered for space heating or pre-heating domestic water.